Professor Marshall

LESSON 9: Media and Technology

Lesson 9

Target Competencies (Outcomes)

Define the terms "technology" and "media" from a sociological point of view

Explain the impacts of media and technology locally, nationally and globally

Analyze media and technology through sociological lenses

You will demonstrate your competence by:

Completing the learning activities in this Learning Plan

Your performance will be successful when:

You can explain the importance of technology to society

You can describe problems related to unequal access to technology

You can articulate the roles of perceived and planned obsolescence

You can demonstrate awareness of technological homogenization and fragmentation

You can provide examples of the various functions media has in society

You can clarify the benefits and drawbacks of media globalization

You can explain the functions of product advertising

You can discuss how sociologists analyze media and technology via various sociological theories

Learning Activities

1. If you have not yet done so, READ Chapter 8 of your text.

3. COMPLETE the lesson below.