Professor Marshall

LESSON 8: Deviance and Social Control

Lesson 8

Target Competencies (Outcomes)

Explain the benefits and drawbacks of various social control methods

Explain deviance and criminal behavior from a micro-level perspective

Explain deviance and criminal behavior from a macro-level perspective

You will demonstrate your competence by:

Completing the learning activities in this Learning Plan

Your performance will be successful when:

You can define basic terms used in the sociological study of crime and deviance (crime, deviance, social control, etc.)

You can compare and contrast major sociological theories about crime and deviance

You can explain the branches of the US criminal justice system

You can evaluate various types of crime data and statistics

You can classify different types of criminal and deviant behavior

Learning Activities

1. If you have not yet done so, READ Chapter 7 of your text.

2. COMPLETE the lesson below.