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"Sociology is a martial art, a means of self-defense... use it to defend yourself without having the right to use it for unfair attacks"—Pierre Bordieu

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What Sociology Is and What Sociology Isn't

Sociology isn't about how your brain functions (or dysfunctions). Sociologists do their work "outside the head," meaning that the focus of sociological inquiry is about the world around us, and the parts that the self, others and social forces play in our lives:

Sociological and Psychological Perspectives

About the Courses on this Site

All courses are undergraduate level college courses. Each individual course will contain lessons, and some may also have free reading materials (including free text books when available), as well as suggestions for assignments.

Honors courses do not contain lesson materials; rather, they showcase the work of select honors students and classes. Use the "Course Links" to the right to navigate to the course of your choice.

Most of my courses begin with the same lesson on the basics of sociology (Lesson 1: What is Sociology?). This lesson is similar across courses, if you complete it once, you can jump directly to the next lesson in each course.

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